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Mit LEVELCOACHING® you combine the advantages of personal coaching with the advantages of a digital knowledge management platform. In this way, you will be able to train any number of employees at a variety of locations with exactly the content you have specified in a sustainable and measurable way.
LEVELCOACHING® is based on 3 pillars.
The learning methodology for the effective and sustainable transfer of knowledge. The platform for the fast and efficient development of your learning content. The tool for the simple and measurable implementation of your coachings.


Sustainable means: "strong effect for a long time". And that's exactly what we want to achieve with LEVELCOACHING®.
Our goal is to support you in the transfer of knowledge in such a way that your knowledge management has a strong impact on your company's success over a long period of time!


Knowledge and its mediation become measurable by LEVELCOACHING®.
Take advantage of these new opportunities!


An Answer

If you hesitate with the answers, we are pleased to invite you to present you with simple, actionable and quickly effective solutions with LEVELCOACHING®.

And why do these three points always rotate here?   -    Because everything revolves around exactly these three questions.


A Holistic Coaching Approach

With LEVELCOACHING® you combine the advantages of personal coaching with the advantages of a digital knowledge management platform. In this way, you will be able to train any number of employees at a variety of locations sustainably and measurably with exactly the content you have specified.


Knowledge Transfer

The difference between information and knowledge is that knowledge is the way our brain processes information and links the different information to form an overall picture. Intelligent knowledge transfer knows how to offer information in such a way that it can be easily processed and linked by our brain.

In this way, information becomes knowledge that can not only be understood, but also reproduced and retrieved. In this way, information actually becomes application and sales knowledge.


Knowledge Management

Each company has its own corporate structures, learning content and requirements for its own knowledge management program. Which team, branch or unit needs which content at which time? And which procedure with which repetition steps is needed so that the knowledge can also be sustainably anchored? For us, knowledge management is the ability to deliver all your content to the right addressees in the right dosage at the right time. It is the ability to control the interaction between central and local requirements. AND sustainable knowledge management is also LOGISTICS!


For Your Employees

Well-trained employees are important to you and bring you concrete added value (in sales, compared to competition, in the team atmosphere, in employee loyalty, in customer satisfaction and in sales)?
Do you have a wide variety of technical topics but also soft skills that your employees should master in the different functions and areas of responsibility?
Do you want to achieve the same high quality level at all your locations and in all your units?
So you need the right tool!


Only ONE Tool

Probably no one would come up with the idea of trying to hit a nail into the wall without a hammer. But how do you control, according to your needs, at all your locations, which knowledge is needed in which position at which time? How do you clock in necessary repetition steps so that precious knowledge is not immediately lost again? And how do you measure the learning progress via the timeline? Therefore, knowledge management also needs a tool that can professionally manage your idea of training on the necessary individual activities at a variety of locations with an even larger number of employees.


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Some More About



External System

As an external system, LEVELCOACHING® is immediately ready for use!
No installation and no system integration is necessary.
As a white lable hardly distinguishable from your own applications.

No Topic Is Too Complicated

LEVELCOACHING® is a content-neutral learning management system, and is used to convey a wide variety of training content such as product knowledge, application knowledge or the training of soft skills.

Training Experience Is Not A Requirement

Even without prior methodological-didactic knowledge, everyone can develop into a coach in the shortest possible time. The LEVELCOACHING®-app guides the coach through all content and specifies what to train at which location and when.


All European languages and also Japanese are on board in the system.
In multilingual countries, coaching can be held simultaneously in different languages.

Made in Germany

LEVELCOACHING® is 100% programmed in Germany, and is hosted exclusively on servers in the Federal Republic of Germany GDPR-compliant..

Green IT

Our contribution to a better use of our resources is that all our LEVELCOACHING® servers are CO2-neutral.
75% of our appointments are completed online and domestic appointments are reached by train. For you, the use of LEVELCOACHING® means that training is implemented directly on site and thus eliminates travel for your employees.



...couldn't be more different.
But this is what makes us great, and is one of our strengths.


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