A Holistic
Coaching Approach


Knowledge Transfer

The difference between information and knowledge is that knowledge is the way our brain processes information and links the different information to form an overall picture.
Intelligent knowledge transfer knows how to offer information in such a way that it can be easily processed and linked by our brain. In this way, information becomes knowledge that can not only be understood, but also reproduced and retrieved.
This ist how information becomes application and sales knowledge.



Learning has always worked by repeating and applying. And the knowledge transfer worked best in the immediate 1:1 situation as in a personal training and in short units. Without targeted repetition steps and consciously set phases in which what has been learned can be applied and reproduced, no sustainable learning will work. New is the realization that testing leads to an enormous learning booster. Only when our brain knows that it does not know something, it wants to avoid this state and opens up to learning and understanding! And without having actually understood what you have learned, customer conversations and applications will not take place at the level you expect. Therefore, LEVELCOACHING® is based on test questions and is based on several repetition steps in different learning phases, which are centrally controlled by you and implemented locally via app.

Personal Coaching - Situation


Repetition rhythms



No matter who should train something, it is almost always just one task of many! The question quickly arises, who have I already trained in which topics? Does the knowledge content sit with all employees or who still has which knowledge gaps? And when are what refreshments needed? What documents do I proceed with and how do I even document my activities? But with the right tools, it's easy to be a coach! By the way, relationships are strengthened and the coach automatically becomes the best connoisseur of the matter.
The coach can rely on his LEVELCOACHING®-app. Always! The app is the tool - the hammer to hit a nail in the wall! Whether superiors, regional training managers or even sales representatives, they can all be used as coaches and without additional methodological didactic training. The system guides your coaches through all training activities at each location, exactly the content that should now be trained is displayed. So the coach can concentrate on his coaching.

Four-Eyes - Conversation

Small Groups - Situation

Personal & Individual



Product knowledge, application processes, soft skills, current content, new content, seasonal topics, existing employees and new employees. How to find the right dosage and how to get into implementation? And that's exactly what LEVELCOACHING® was developed for. Via online access, you can centrally control all content and training activities at all your locations. Within a few minutes, you will initiate new training activities from existing content. On-site training is carried out via tablet. The training courses are integrated into everyday work in short about 10-15-minute units (MicroLearning), the individual knowledge gaps are identified and eliminated. The LEVELCOACHING®-app controls all content at all locations in every repetition step according to your specifications, according to your training plan!


Suitable for everyday work



Knowledge Management

Each company has its own corporate structures, learning content and requirements for its own knowledge management program.
Which team, branch or unit needs which content at which time?
And which procedure with which repetition steps is needed so that the knowledge can also be sustainably anchored?
For us, knowledge management is the ability to deliver all your content to the right addressees in the right dosage at the right time. It is the ability to control the interaction between central and local requirements.
AND sustainable knowledge management is also LOGISTICS!



No matter what knowledge you want to impart, whether application know-how, governance topics, product knowledge for sales, or sophisticated expert knowledge. Our customers make all this possible with LEVELCOACHING®. You have the opportunity to prepare your DNA, your message with your wording, your prioritization & storyline in such a way that you reach employees exactly as you have planned.

With LEVELCOACHING®, you have full control over the topicality, completeness and suitability of your training content at all times. In addition, you have the possibility to release the processing of your content for external specialists at any time. Whether editing, translation or even the complete transfer of responsibility, everything is possible. So your training content is always up-to-date, can be used, online.

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Coordinate administration


Content Development

Good content is crucial for the success of the training... BUT developing good content without a template is not so easy.

LEVELCOACHING® offers exactly this template!

The given process dramaturgy and the required brevity result in a structure that makes it very easy for every user to be able to develop good content themselves.

We are happy to support you with the moderation of a content workshop to show how all other content can be developed independently by you or your partners.


target group-oriented



The CoachingCard

When it comes to being able to answer application questions or questions from customers correctly and immediately, and the right awareness of one's own task is a basic prerequisite for successful learning, then...
... background knowledge is necessary for this to understand the overall context. This, enriched with image or video material, forms the focus of your knowledge transfer.

And wouldn't it be nice to know a little more than you might expect? In addition to the background knowledge, each LEVELCOACHING® CoachingCard also has tips & tricks for just this more! More implementation and application indications for a successful use of what has been learned in ongoing business operations.

short, concise, precise

always up to date

always online


For Your Employees

Well-trained employees are important to you and bring you concrete added value (in sales, compared to competition, in the team atmosphere, in employee loyalty, in customer satisfaction and in sales)?
Do you have a wide variety of technical topics but also soft skills that your employees should master in the different functions and areas of responsibility?
Do you want to achieve the same high quality level at all your locations and in all your units?
Therefore, you need the right tool!


1 : 1

Standing in front of customers and not being able to answer their questions is not a good feeling. Operating a machine and feeling insecure is also not a good feeling. Strengthening employees with well-done training from day one has a great influence on the loyalty to your company. And who could be more authentic than supervisors or, for example, sales representatives who deal with these topics themselves on a daily basis.
The 1:1 training situation is of central importance in the LEVELCOACHING® learning methodology. In this 1:1 situation, the personal knowledge gaps are found and eliminated, it is absolutely trusting and thus schools also become a management task. A task in which the manager takes care of the development of the Coaches!


ONE Tool

Probably no one would come up with the idea of trying to hit a nail into the wall without a hammer.
But how do you control, according to your needs, at all your locations, which knowledge is needed in which position at which time?
How do you clock in necessary repetition steps so that precious knowledge is not immediately lost again?
And how do you measure the learning progress via the timeline?
Therefore, knowledge management also needs a tool that can professionally manage your idea of training on the necessary individual activities at a variety of locations with an even larger number of employees.

// ONE Tool


In addition to learning methodology and content platform, the third pillar of our service lies in the tool for implementation.

In order for a coach to work effectively, the training activities are controlled in such a way that exactly the content that is needed at this location today is displayed. Easy to use and no detail is forgotten. A coach can rely on the system, has access to all training tasks at any time and can thus concentrate on his actual task - coaching the employees. At the same time, you make sure that the content you value is precisely trained everywhere - and this is sustainable and measurable!

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THE tool for the Coach.

Online at any time via WebApp, or self-sufficiently without a network,
if it has to be.

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